Feature Update: Reset, or Edit Workflow Processes

“Have you ever sent out a document to the wrong person? or, have ever you submitted your vacation report to the wrong department?”

“Have you ever had a reviewer sitting on an approval process and leave without approving your document?”

“Has that ever resulted in missing a deadline for an important project?”

If these experiences are familiar to you, take heart, because now you can do something about it.

Collavate’s Reset/Edit feature is here to save you as it allows you to reset the process that you have already submitted as if you had never submitted it, or add or remove reviewers by editing reviewers information.

In order to use Reset/Edit feature, it must first be turned on by your Collavate admin in [Admin > Workflow] menu. Once your admin turns on the menu, you will be able to see the Reset and Edit buttons above your Submitted documents list in [Process > My sent > Submitted] category.

Do you see those buttons? Ok great, now you are ready to reset or edit the process!

Here is how you can reset your approval process to make it looks like it has never been submitted.

First, select the box next to the process you would like to reset. Then, simply click the  “Reset” button.

A pop-up window will appear and ask you the reason for the reset. 

Write the reason in the popup window and then click “OK,” Your document will then be sent to find the [Process > Draft] section. 

At the same time, any reviewer who approved/rejected your documents and reviewers who are next in line will be notified through an automatically generated email that the process has been reset.

If you need to reset the process for several documents at once, just check the boxes next to the documents that you want to reset and and click Reset button. 
  • Note: Document sharing status will remain the same after reset process.

What if you need to add or remove a reviewer, but you do not want to begin work flow process all over again? It’s s
imple, just use the Edit feature.

As with the Reset feature, you can start editing the process by checking a box on the left side of the document you would like to edit.

A pop-up window will open. In this pop-up, you will be able to remove or add reviewers as well as change their permissions levels. 

This feature, however, does not allow you to remove or add any reviewer who has already approved or rejected the document.

After getting done with editing, click on “Save/Update” button to make the desired changes.

Any reviewer who already have reviewed your document, and reviewers who are next in line in the process, will be notified by an automatically generated email of the changes made to the process.

Thank you!

Your Collavate Team.


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