Share Only the Files That Are Approved in Collavate with Outside Users

Previously, in order for the Google Apps Administrator to restrict file sharing outside the domain, the restriction applied across the domain.  Unfortunately, this also restricted collaboration with persons outside of the domain.  

This changed with the March release of Google’s new features for Google Drive for Work.  One of those new features, “Sharing Setting by Department,” provides options for turning off file sharing outside the domain for specific organizational units while still allowing others to work and share files with anyone they need to.


[Google Drive option that prevents users from sharing files with outside users]

With this new feature, IT managers have another useful tool to manage file-sharing needs in the organization.  In the daily flow of work, however, users in a restricted department may need to share documents or files with an outside contributor.  If such need arises multiple times, it will become burdensome to have the administrator change the sharing setting each time by domain or department level.

This is where Collavate comes in. By using Collavate, you can enjoy the robust security features of Google Drive and share files with contributors outside of the domain.  This means that even when file-sharing to outside option is disabled in Google Drive, Collavate can allow users to share documents or files with outside users with its Approval Process.

[How to design structured workflow by creating the Approval Process]
Just follow two steps below to allow file sharing to outside users, while keeping confidential documents and files safe.

  1. Put an Auditor* who can review the document as the first reviewer.
  2. Put the Outside Contributor as the second reviewer.

* Auditor can be designated in advance with simple customization service.

[Put an Auditor and an outside user as the reviewers]

If the Auditor agrees to the sharing of the file and agrees to the process, the file is automatically shared to the outside user as the reviewing process is continued. If a submitted document should not be shared outside of the domain, the Auditor can simply click on “Reject” instead of “Approve”.  

[The acceptance of the administrator]

[The file is automatically shared with the outside user]

In this way, organizations can allow users to share documents or files with outside users, while keeping them safe by requiring those documents and files to be approved by the Auditor before they are shared.

Collavate Team supports simple customization service for organizations that want to assign the auditor in advance. Through the customizing, IT manager will be able to set internal documents or files not to be sent outside without approval process from the designated auditor.

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