[Update Notice] Advanced Sorting Condition in the Tags function & Improved Weekly Report UI

Hello COLLAVATE Users,

We have exciting new updates this April. Let’s take a look at the changes.  

1. New Sorting Option: “OR” Sorting Condition in Tags

We added the “OR” Sorting Condition in the Tags function. When searching for documents using two or more tags, this feature will show that can be used when searching to show results with both of the tags or either one of the tags.

Let’s take a look at the examples with images.

a. In the Tag Library, we created TagTest1 and TagTest2. The first Google Sheet file has been tagged with TagTest1, and the second Google Sheet file has been tagged with TagTest2. The third file has been tagged with both TagTest1 and TagTest2.  

b. Click both TagTest1 and TagTest2 in the Tag Library. If the Tag sorting condition is set as [AND], COLLAVATE only displays the files that have both the TagTest1 and TagTest2.  Previously, this was the only sorting method offered.

c. By clicking the [AND] button, the sorting condition changes to [OR]. In the [OR] condition, if you click both TagTest1 and TagTest2, COLLAVATE will show files that have either one of the tags.

This way, users can broaden the search parameters when they set the sorting condition as [OR].

2.  Improvements to the Weekly Report UI

The UI of the Weekly Report Email that shows Weekly Document Process Status (My Process, Received Processes) has been improved.

In the X axis, “month” has been added, so you can see at a glance how many documents you have processed or approved for each month.


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