Collavate 5.3.0 Release Recap

The Collavate 5.3.0 release includes improvements to existing Collavate features and resolutions for known issues.

What’s Changing

Collavate AI Summary Feature Open Beta Release

The AI Summary feature is now available in open beta. This feature allows you to quickly grasp the key points of lengthy documents even on small screens. By leveraging the AI Summary feature, you can significantly enhance productivity as it automatically summarizes essential information without the need to read the entire document. The generated summaries are automatically translated into the Collavate language you have set, reducing unnecessary communication and helping all stakeholders make informed decisions based on consistent information.

The AI Summary feature is free during the open beta period in July and will undergo further improvements before the official release. We appreciate your interest and feedback.

You can now instantly generate summaries for lengthy approval documents using AI.

Improved Mentioned User Names in Google Chat Notifications

Previously, when using the mention (@username) feature in Collavate approval posts, the mentioned user names appeared the same as regular messages, making them hard to identify quickly.

Now, when you mention a user in an approval post, the mentioned user’s name is highlighted as blue in the Google Chat notification, making it easier to spot the mentioned user in the message.

Mentioned users in Collavate chat notifications are now highlighted for better visibility.

Auto-Save Feature for Template Documents

Previously, when creating new approval documents using Collavate templates, the approval line information was not automatically saved until the document was submitted, making it hard to handle unexpected refreshes.

Now, when you click the “Use Template” button to create a new document, the draft in progress is automatically saved. Additionally, any changes to the approval line information are saved automatically without needing to click a separate save button.

Changes to approval line information are now automatically saved when using templates.

Fixed Issues

Various known issues have been resolved. You can check the complete list of fixes in the Collavate 5.3.0 release notes.

Rollout Pace

July 3, 2024, KST


All Collavate users