Collavate 5.3.0 Release Notes

New features #

Collavate AI Summary Feature Open Beta Release #

  • The Collavate AI Summary feature allows you to summarize the content of long documents. Now, you can quickly grasp the contents of lengthy documents even on small screens. Generated summaries reduce unnecessary communication and help all stakeholders make necessary decisions based on consistent information.

Enhancements #

Posts #

  • When attaching files to posts mentioning someone, the default file permission is automatically set to “View.”
  • Improved the visibility of mentioned users’ names in Google Chat notifications sent when a user is mentioned in an approval post.

Approvals #

  • Enhanced to no longer display related information in the Google Docs description field for documents submitted through Collavate.
  • Slightly improved the time required for submitting and editing approval documents.
  • Improved system load handling when approving multiple documents simultaneously.

Templates #

  • Improved the usability of the template approval process.
  • Added internal system security procedures related to the template feature.
  • Enhanced to automatically save documents in a draft state when submitted using a template. Now, there are no error messages when the page is refreshed after using a template.
  • Changed approval line information is now automatically saved in real-time during the creation of a template document.

More #

  • Improved the security of Collavate API.
  • Successfully renewed Collavate’s CASA (Cloud Application Security Assessment) certification.
  • Added detailed tooltips and error messages for default input fields on the Team Plan sign up screen.

Resolved Issues #

Post #

  • Fixed the issue where group posts could not be pinned to the top of the home menu.
  • Resolved the issue where published posts still appeared in the draft posts menu and temporary save items were not deleted correctly in the Home > Draft Posts menu.
  • Corrected the issue where attached files in post comments by a document manager account were saved in the “Shared with me” folder instead of the “Collavate Post Files” folder in Google Drive.
  • Fixed the issue where template numbering rules set in domain shared templates could not be removed.
  • Fixed an issue where the same tag appeared twice in the list of available tags after refreshing the window and undoing an added personal tag in edit mode.

Approvals #

  • Corrected the issue where updated user profile pictures were not reflected in the approval line in the approval menu.
  • Fixed the issue where the original document links were broken in the list of approved documents displayed after clicking the add reference file button in the approval edit screen.
  • Resolved the issue where numbering rules were not applied to newly added attachments after an approval process was updated.

Templates #

  • Fixed the issue where selecting frequently used approval lines replaced locked approvers in templates with the frequently used approval line when the approval line lock option was enabled.
  • Corrected the issue where the “Official Document” option was still applied when copying a domain shared template set as an official document template to my templates, even though the option is not available in my templates.

Admin Settings #

  • Fixed the issue where the changed email notification subject was not restored to the original title in real-time after clicking the cancel button in Admin > Email Templates.
  • Resolved the issue where hidden users in the organization chart were still displayed in the auto-complete field of the approval menu in Admin > User Management.

Drive Manager #

  • Fixed the issue where GDPR risk level filtering items were not displayed in the Drive Manager menu.
  • Corrected the issue where the selected folder items in the Drive Manager menu filter were not reset correctly to the default screen when reset.