5 Must-Haves for Document Management in Google Drive

Many G Suite users find themselves needing a streamlined workflow for handling documents and features specifically for work collaboration. It is possible to fully operate with your Google Drive and veer away from Google’s Team Drive limitation to only users in your organization. This limits collaboration with clients, company partners, and contractors. Here are the 5 must-haves for Document Management to operate on top of your Google Drive– all provided by Collavate.
1. Team Drives for everyone without limits
Google offers Team Drives for G Suite Business users and has limitations such as only allowing Team Drive for colleagues within the same domain. Collavate offers a Team Drives for everyone, including G Suite Basic and G Suite Business. A Collavate Workspace folder creates a Team Drive for whomever you’d like to invite with an email address– not limiting you to only users in your domain or organization.

2. Social project management
Document sharing, collaboration for work, and effective team communication is made easy with an Enterprise Social Networking platform. Collavate Group Post is designed to increase work productivity while accommodating user-friendly options. Public groups are viewable to all users in your domain which can broadcast information regarding a company event, news, and announcements to all users pertaining to the topic of the group. Private groups allow exclusivity of posts and collaboration for projects and department discussions.
3. Group Post
Collavate Group Post goes beyond a Slack Channel or a Facebook group’s service capabilities. Collavate’s Group Post features are specialized for team project management and document sharing. All shared files within the group is stored in a Google Drive group folder accessible to group members. An Admin of a Collavate group can send member invitations to any user with an email address.
4. Remote Drive User
Capability to invite users outside of your company as a remote user in Google Drive. Remote users can temporarily be a company staff user. A remote user will be able to have access to Collavate’s features in your domain, and all files the remote user shares and works on will be stored within your company’s Google Drive, permitting company ownership of files.
5. Contract management
With a streamlined approval process, contract management can be kept organized and can reduce financial risk. Manage contract creation, ensure proper execution and analysis to maximize operational performance, and share contracts made with customers, vendors, partners, or employees. Contract templates, expense reports, and financial statements can be be set as a template to be reused and duplicated by users to save time in drafting stages. A PDF with a cover page can be generated for contracts showing date of creation, approval timestamps, and comments made by contractor and contractees.

These beneficial features increase business productivity and operates with your Google Drive, allowing users and organizations to expand their work capabilities that rely on Google Drive. Collavate offers a powerful, streamlined workflow approval with additional collaboration features for work. Step-up your G Suite and Team Drives with Collavate!