5 tips for better workplace communication

Good communication in the workplace is key for companies to work efficiently and be productive. Employees can experience increased morale, productivity and commitment if they can easily communicate with other members of the team – whether they are in the next office, or in another state or country.

Communication tips for work at home with Collavate

Collavate is here to help. We specialize in creating collaborative workspaces allowing users to connect in real time. Our goal is to help your organization create effective communication channels and document workflows that will help your business operate more efficiently and effectively.

Some tips to maximize your company’s communication practices:

  • Include everyone: Make sure that the communication lines are always open. Search and actively promote progress reports and project updates. This is especially important when it comes to remote personnel.
  • Listen and show empathy: Communication is a two-way process and listening shows respect toward the person who’s speaking and allows you to become familiar with the various problems that you may have to solve as a team leader.
  • Define objectives and expectations: Managers should provide clear and accessible goals for teams and individuals that define the objective of the project and what’s required of each of them to achieve it.
  • Send your message clearly: Make sure your message is clear and accessible to the intended audience. Speak politely and articulately to the intended audience – so your message is understood clearly without causing confusion or offence.
  • Choose your medium carefully: Once you’ve created your message, make sure it’s conveyed in the best possible format. While face-to-face communication is the best way to build trust with employees, it’s not always appropriate. Sometimes, depending on the nature of the message, information needs to be written and documented in order to keep a formal record of it.

With Collavate, your company will benefit from workflow-centric project management that automates and streamlines your business processes. Let us connect your teams together and foster a better form of communication for all.