Collavate 5.0 – Team Edition

Our newly upgraded version of Collavate 5.0 has a new plan available called Collavate Team Edition. Collavate Team is built for use by small groups and organizations. Even if your company doesn’t have a Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), admins can add user emails to centrally manage Collavate and collaborate in teams.

If you are using Google Workspace, you can also use Collavate outside of your domain if it is difficult for your company to install software to the entire company domain due to security or other reasons. This is also helpful if you only want to install to a specific department or team within your organization.

You can configure a team collaboration and approval environment for your own team, department or specific members without any more complicated procedures or security reviews of IT or security departments.

You can easily invite team members to use the document centralization and company management functions provided by Collavate Business Edition without any separate installation procedure.

In the case of Collavate Team Edition, the manager menu is activated as shown in the screen above, and you can check the detailed menu for team settings.

After that, go to the user management menu and enter the email of the user you wish to invite to send the invitation, and you can adjust the access rights as shown in the screen above.

With Collavate Team Edition, document centralization, electronic approvals, and document collaboration are now easy.