Collavate 3.0.0 Release Notes

Hello there,

Collavate Team is here to announce a news that will make your experience in Collavate more pleasant and exciting.

Collavate, the world’s first Google Docs driven workflow solution for Google Drive has led the trend of collaborative workflow. With a major update to the version 3.0, Collavate will provide you with an enhanced user experience and various Performance optimizations with a new UI.

[Quck Reivew: Collavate 3.0 – Before & After]

Let’s what will be updated and improved on the brand-new version of Collavate.

The new Collavate 3.0 features include:

As this update will be applied on October 26, 2015, we will keep you updated on the progress with an updated guide and video that you can find in Collavate Training Center. We hope these updates will only help improve experience for collaborative working.

  1. Faster Processing Time: Processing documents has never been faster with the processing engine now sending live updates to all users logged in.
  2. Simplified Designs: Buttons and icons that you use most frequently are placed at the position that you can more easily recognized and reach with fewer steps.
  3. Clear Popup Screen for Preview: You can find a better preview, along with many new options in the popup mode that will take you to the next step such as editing, initiation of workflow process, and conversion of documents to a PDF.
  4. Easier Browsing of Documents: A document filter in a Process menu can be fixed on the left pane. With this update, you can easily move to another filter and browse documents in a categorized manner as you need to find a current status of processed documents that are waiting to be approved.
  5. Instant Tagging: You can experience instant tagging, which is 10 times faster than the tagging speed in current version. Even when you attach tags on more than 100 documents or files, it will be done within a second without any time for saving tags.
  6. Updated Template Feature: We now have a [Template] Menu on the main screen. Document templates for shared use, and personal use can be created and used quickly with fewer clicks and faster processing time.
  7. Convenient Upload: It is now possible to drag and drop files and folders for uploading documents or files to Collavate as you do the same in Google Drive. Also, you can also quickly upload and attach files from your PC/Mac or Google Drive to any process.
  8. Expansion of the Number of Attachments: You can now attach up to 10 documents or files. This means that you can start Workflow (approval) Process with 10 documents or files, which previously was not possible with the limit of total 4 documents or files.

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