Collavate 4.5.3 Release Notes

1. Collavate Progress Web App

Run Collavate on your computer with one click.

Now you can run Collavate directly from your computer, not from a web browser. It is always convenient to use the app with one click without installing a separate app or running a web browser.

Simply click the (+) icon at the top right of the Collavate screen. This will open the confirmation pop-up and installation will proceed.

You can then run the program. Collavate icon is added to the wallpaper of windows. On a Mac, you can launch it via the launcher.

You can also add the launcher icon from your mobile phone.

2. Document number suffix support

When you submit a document, [Document number] will appear in the prefix before the document title, based on your document number policy format.

Now you can design the format in a more flexible way as the number policy allows suffix, which means you can include parameters after the document title.

For example, if your marketing team wants to add date after your marketing deck title, you can design format something like this.

[&{number}] ${documentTitle} as of ${thisYearFull}-${thisMonth} by John Smith

In this case, when the document is submitted, the policy number is applied as follows.[0002] Yourcompany deck as of 2020-05 by John Smith

The document number and title are automatically reflected according to the pre-specified rules, so a consistent document management system can be established throughout the company.