Collavate 4.2.3 Release Notes

Good morning, Collavate Users!

It is now springtime which means that the trees and flowers are sprouting abundantly. Below are the release notes describing the changes we made.

User / domain Custom Theme UI Support #

Since it is the spring time, you will want to gravitate away from boring and dull websites. Version 4.2.3 of Collavate allows users to customize the theme color as seen the following screen.

As soon as this release was made, this feature was so popular that there was a good competition between each other in the company. Who can make the best Collavate design within your company?
To do this, click the three-color icon in the upper right corner. If you are an administrator, you can apply your design to the entire company as shown below.
For your reference, we are also working on supporting mobile web and email templates to also support unified color design.

Support multiple attachments in Approval Process #

In the past, only one file could be attached to the electronic approval form, but now you can attach multiple documents and files together to form an electronic approval form. In other words, instructions and reference materials related to the company purchase procedure can be included in the electronic approval form.

Adjust Electronic Approval Title #

The title of the process popup has become much cleaner and wider.

Prevent certain content from showing in the home feed #

Collavate now allows users to hide certain posts from their home feed. For example, if you do not wish to see certain posts from a group you can do so by accessing the settings of that particular group as shown below. A hidden group is marked as an icon so you can know which groups are hidden from your feed.

Post Home Feed UI Improvements #

We’ve simplified the permanent icons on each post card and have put them together in a submenu as shown below.

You can view organization and user information in the Collavate API. #

Collavate’s user management functions as an organization chart, we have expanded the API access function so that it can be retrieved safely and easily through the Collavate API.

Other bug fixes #

Other bugs in: template, pinning, starring posts, notification center, group edits, and searches have been fixed.