Collavate 4.4.3 Release Notes

As we celebrate the beginning of 2020, Collavate has released two major updates!

Bookmark Group Post Bulletin #

    You can now add Group Posts to your favorites. If you have many projects or groups, you can easily access your favorite groups by adding them as favorites.
    A star will appear when you hover over the group name and click it to add it to your favorite group. This makes it more easily accessible in the future.

    Approval on CC and Group CC #

    In some cases, you may need to request an approval from a reference group after the initial approval from your team or department.
    For example, if you need to request support from the coordinating department to proceed with a project, you may want to ask for approval from other teams for their resources – even if you have approval from your team leader.
    This means asking for approval from the person registered with the coordinating department after the final approval on my settlement line.
    In order to use this feature, your Collavate admin can go to [Admin] > [Process] > choose ‘Provide Approve/Reject Buttons’ drop down under Recipient (CC/Group CC Email) section. This feature is available on Collavate Business and Enterprise Editions.

    Approvers registered under Group CC can review and initiate an approval process for the document (as shown below) when the final approver of the approval line is approved.
    Users added under “Group CC” can review the document and initiate an approval once the current process has been completed. To do this, users in the “Group CC” are notified of the process completion, and can use the “Reference” button to create a new approval process under “Group CC.”

    For example: The Group CC is sales@ and user A and user B are both members of the sales@ group. Both user A and B will be notified of approvals, and both can go to Group CC and click ‘Reference’ button to initiate an approval process under the Group CC.