Collavate 5.2.1 Release Notes

Enhancements #

Added Reduced-size Printing Option to PDF Download Feature #

  • Previously, converting approvals with numerous attachments into PDFs resulted in large file sizes, causing inconvenience. Now, when using the PDF download function, you can reduce the file size of the output, including images and large attachments, by using the “reduced-size printing” or “Grayscale Printing” options.

User Activation Status Now Applies in Real Time #

  • Now, when administrators change a user’s role, account activation status, or visibility in the organization chart from the Admin > User Management menu, the affected user will be forced to log out of Collavate immediately.

More #

  • Enhanced stability during electronic approval submissions in unstable network conditions.
  • Improved some internal codes.
  • Enhanced internal security.

Resolved Issues #

Approval process #

  • Resolved an error where the favorite group list was not visible in the settings screen when setting the post visibility to group public in the draft post menu.
  • Resolved an error that caused infinite loading in certain environments during reprocess.
  • Resolved an issue where it was impossible to change the recipient in some approvals.

Templates #

  • Resolved an error where the template document numbering policy did not apply when submitting a document using a template with a document numbering applied and the main file was changed.
  • Resolved an error where a blank space appeared at the bottom of some approver areas in templates with locked approvers.
  • Resolved an error where locked parallel approvers disappeared when reprocessing a document with locked parallel approvers.
  • Resolved an error where domain-shared templates created by administrators did not immediately share and changed to being in draft instead.
  • Resolved an error where the list of approvers in a template saved with the lock all approvers option did not scroll in the editing screen.
  • Resolved an issue where templates being modified by an administrator during the template approval process were automatically published to the domain-shared template menu.
  • Resolved an error that caused infinite loading when making too many changes to the information of a template undergoing the approval process.

Administrator Settings #

  • Addressed an issue where, despite checking the option to change to a new document manager, the ownership of existing approval documents did not properly transfer.
  • Resolved an issue where changing settings in Admin > Template reset the previously set document security information.

More #

  • Fixed some tag application-related errors in customer support posts.