Collavate 3.9.1 Release Notes

As of spring 2017, Collavate version 3.9.1 was released today. This version includes widgets for websites, a task manager, auto-translation feature and user interface improvements.

Widgets for Website

Want to build an intranet or enterprise portal for your company? Now, it’s possible with Collavate widgets for the website. You can use Collavate’s group and post widget codes to paste onto your Website or Google Sites to use. You can also add Collavate’s workflow widgets and Google widgets, such as Gmail gadgets and Google Calendar gadgets.

The Collavate Post widget web address appear as seen below:

Group post widget:

For example, Collavate’s public group unique number is: 6560596137082880, making the shortcut web address of the gadget:

The above web address can be added as a site widget or google sites iframe gadgets.

To-do list task manager with due date

Need to complete a technical project review with your colleagues by next Wednesday? Here’s how to use it. Write the project description on a Collavate post and have relevant documents uploaded to Google Drive if it’s not already in the cloud. Next, invite your colleagues to the post with the @ mention command. This will notify your colleagues to be prepared for next Wednesday.

Want to add a deadline on the Collavate post? With Collavate version 3.9.1, you can set a due date within the post. You can add a deadline for individuals, to the entire domain, or for members within a group. On the due date, relevant members to the post with an assigned deadline will receive a deadline notification.

Users can add a due date by directly clicking the clock icon on the post. The deadline is displayed the correct date according to your time zone. The post deadline add-on does not provide a professional project work schedule, but it can help you speed up your collaboration because you can work together with your colleagues to manage the task deadlines with posts.

Auto-Translate, powered by Google Cloud Machine Learning

Working internationally with people across the globe? Collavate’s translation feature can be useful. Users will now be able to use the artificial intelligence feature provided by Google Cloud Translation API. In other words, when you turn on the Translate feature, the Google Translate icon appears on the top right corner of every post. When you click the translation icon, the post is immediately translated into your set profile language. The translation feature uses Google Translator and can be used up to 10 times per day per user.

Improved user interface design

Our goal is to produce a user-friendly interface to make it easier to navigate for all users. With this release, we are prevailing a more simple look and feel in multiple areas.

(1) Main Screen

The Collavate Home user interface design has been greatly improved. If you choose to upload background image, the menu will be translucent against your custom wallpaper image. The main menu buttons and post post box has been improved in design and usability. When adding a contact to mention in a post, you can search and select a collegue by pressing the person icon in addition to typing in @ directly.

(2) Login page

Beginning with version 3.8.25, the Collavate standalone login page is designed to enhance security and allow future support of both Google accounts and non-Google account users. In other words, the headquarters uses Google’s suite, while some affiliates may use the user group ID (non-google account) via Killer ID to access the Collavate group, and be able to use the post group features.
(3) Home icon for mobile web shortcut.

You can add a mobile web shortcut home icon directly to your smartphone’s apps when you access Collavate with your mobile browser. In order to improve security and usability, we only support the shortcut icon for mobile. We have also added the option to disable the share option of Collavate’s domain posts.

Before, when multiple non-google users use Collavate, domain-shared posts could be seen by other affiliates the post was not intended for. To resolve this problem, we have added the ability to disable the domain sharing option for posts. You can disable the domain sharing option by going to post setup on the admin screen.

Other minor bug fixes and what’s next?
In addition to the improved UI, this upgraded version is an important starting point for Collavate to provide our own account service. We plan to expand the support of Google / non-google account integration parties to support all users. With this, users can join Collavate without a Google account, allowing most of Collavate’s features to be used without any problems. In addition, there is a version of Collavate with Microsoft. Microsoft will support Collavate, providing domestic data centers. We will always try to provide faster speed times and stability for domestic users.