Collavate 5.1.4 Release Notes

Release Notes

  1. Fixed TAGs Bug
    • Resolved issues with TAGs after removing certain entries.
  2. Duplicate User in Process Share List
    • Fixed the bug where the same user could be added multiple times to the Process Share list.
  3. Mobile User Search Dropdown Issue
    • Corrected the problem where searched users were not appearing in the dropdown on mobile devices.
  4. Incorrect CC’ed Docs Count
    • Addressed the incorrect display of the number of CC’ed documents.
  5. Collavate API Enhancement
    • Added deadline information to the collavate.process.retrieveAll API.
  6. Attachment Visibility Issue
    • Fixed the issue where attachments were not visible to approvers.
  7. Incorrect Approval Date in PDF
    • Corrected the date of approval completion in the footer of the PDF.
  8. Google Admin Data Sync Issue
    • Resolved the issue where data from Google Admin was not syncing to Collavate.
  9. Error Reporting Fixes
    • Addressed various errors reported through the error reporting system.
  10. Old Processes Not Opening for Admin
    • Fixed the issue where old processes could not be opened by the admin account.
  11. Password Recovery Page Issue
    • Resolved the issue where a blank page was displayed on the Password Recovery page after clicking the Reset password button in the email.
  12. Login Issue for Windows 7 and 8 Users
    • Fixed the login issue preventing users on Windows 7 and 8 from logging into Collavate.