Collavate 4.4.4 Release Notes

We are excited to share the last new update for 2019! This update includes the ability to enter a review when approving payments within Gmail, as well as mobile feature updates.

Workflow Dynamic Email #

Email messages have been in a fixed message format, and users only can take further actions such as clicking hyperlink to visit websites via links.
However, Google is working on making email more useful and interactive in Gmail. For example, you can view information such as the latest comments directly on the email rather than on additional email alarms. This allows you to complete event bookings, complete surveys and respond directly to emails.
Collavate utilized this technology on approval workflows, allowing approvers to open an email and leave their comments and approve directly from the email.
This means that instead of receiving individual email notifications when you are mentioned in a comment, you can check the latest thread to reply or resolve directly within Gmail messages.

As shown in the screen above, when the doc is approved on the e-mail, the review opinion can be entered and submitted together. You no longer have to use the app to enter comments, approvals or rejections; everything can now be done within the email.

Group Post Bookmark available in Mobile #

The Group Post Favorites feature is now available on the Collavate mobile app. It makes it easy to access groups you use most often on mobile. See our previously released blog for the details on the Bookmark feature.

In 2020, we will continue to upgrade with features that enhance user convenience!
Happy Holidays,
The Collavate Team