Collavate 5.1.7 Release Notes

New Features #

Document Validation #

  • Collavate document managers can use document validation in admin settings. Document managers can now regularly inspect the ownership and deletion of approval documents.

Print process document with attachments #

  • You can now print every approved document with its attachment(s). Go to approved document > More > Print Process & Attachment (Classic Style) to check this feature.

Enhancements #

Post UI/UX enhancements #

  • Favorite groups will now appear on the top of the share auto-fill option list when writing group posts.
  • Maximum group creation number now cannot exceed 50.
  • In email post notification, you can now see the commenters name, profile image, commented time and the contents.

Added ‘Reason for reset’ to notification email when start reprocessing #

  • We added ‘Reason for reset’ item to the notification email template. Go to Admin > Email Templates > A process that you are involved in has been reset to add ‘Reason for reset’ in the email template.

CC auto-fill user list on GWS Collavate add-on Enhancement #

  • Group email will now also appear on the recommended user list when you start writing CC.

Collavate homepage chat service #

  • Chat service on Collavate homepage is now unavailable for quality customer service. You can contact our support team in the same way.

Change on attachment file name display #

  • Attachment file names which exceed a certain length were displayed as … in mobile devices. It is now changed to display part of the file names.

More #

  • Enhanced process approval window generation speed for 40% approximately.
  • Enhanced attachment preview window generation speed.
  • You can now see the “Process must have at least one reviewer” message when you submit a process with only group CC, without any approver.
  • (KR)Add file button name on top of Drive Manager window is changed from ‘+설정’ to ‘+생성’.
  • (KR)Changed some item names in Change Settings > Notifications.
  • (EN)A typo at the Drive Manager Search Filter has been fixed.
  • You can now move directly to Theme Setting by clicking on Theme Setting icon on top.

Resolved Issues #

Posts #

  • Fixed an issue where texts of comment disappear when upload attachments to it while editing.
  • Fixed an issue where the default guide message won’t automatically disappear after start writing and being overlaid on top of the content.
  • Fixed an issue where written message disappear when writing texts between the bracket(e.g <Collavate>)
  • Fixed an issue where email notification title is not displayed properly when a post contains certain special characters(<, >, $) in the content.
  • You can now view the entire image thumbnail at a separate preview section in posts. Scrolling up and down to check the whole image in a small window is no longer needed.
  • Due date is now displayed in the same way for posts in Home and Home > Group Posts on Collavate mobile app.

Process #

  • Fixed an issue where the process deadline or reminder cannot be changed after first submitting with a deadline.
  • Fixed an issue where the approver who has edit access to the document cannot change the title during the process.
  • Fixed an issue where users who were added to Group CC cannot start reference in mobile devices.
  • Fixed an issue where Group CC and CC are not saved to your process draft.
  • Fixed an issue where the submit button for process still remains activated in the Process > Draft menu when you were on the first layer to approve.
  • You can now send email reminders at Process > Sent Docs > Submitted > Send Reminder.
  • Fixed an issue where an error message pops up when you try to change GDPR level at Process > Sent Docs > Submitted.

Drive Manager #

  • Filters in Drive Manager > Shared with team will now be reset by clicking on “Reset All”
  • You can now use the Drag & Drop method to add a file in Drive Manager.
  • Fixed the issue where users cannot delete domain shared tags and personal tags at the same time.

Admin #

  • Fixed the issue that elapsed time of document validation progress bar increases when you review previous document validation reports.
  • You can now change Collavate activation status of remote users simultaneously at Admin > Remote drive.

Collavate for Mobile #

  • Fixed an issue where the Collavate template URL is directed to Home.
  • Fixed an issue where the post announcing function and member block/unblock option for group administrators is not visible when writing group posts.
  • Fixed following errors on Collavate notification setting menu in mobile interface:
    • ‘When you submit new documents’ is now visible.
    • ‘Someone creates domain post’ is now visible.
    • Fixed the issue where ‘CC Email’ items were duplicated.
    • Changed ‘Someone likes your post or comment’ options to be identical to PC.
    • Fixed options for ‘Someone comments on your posts’ to place in a correct position.
    • Fixed the issue where ‘Someone comments on your posts’ items were duplicated.

GWS Collavate Add-ons #

  • You can now submit a process and go back to the original document to edit the approval list without any error message.

More #

  • Fixed certain accounts Collavate license renewal to be updated correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where the selected filter automatically deselected after search by both keyword and category.
  • Fixed an issue where the selected filter won’t be deselected when searching at Template or Home menu.
  • Remote users(Users who are invited by domain users) can now use theme setting without any error on the console.