Collavate 4.2.0 Release Notes

We are excited to release Collavate version 4.2! This major update includes personal and domain-specific editing features and the ability to set email notification methods on a group-by-group basis. We’ve also updated the design to make it simpler and faster!

Email Design Improvements #

We have improved the design of notification emails that are sent upon electronic document approval to make it more clean and professional. In the future, your logo will be at the center of every email.

Email Templates Customization #

Now, Collavate workflow or post emails can be edited. Now, you can customize the subject and contents per your company environment.
The email template modification screen that is sent when a document is to be processed is as follows. You can modify the default text of the email title and body, and you can easily add and delete predefined variable values.
You can also preview changes or revert to the initial contents at any time.

At this time, a total of 12 templates can be customized for English and Korean language. These templates include seven reminder emails related to electronic approval and five reminder emails related to posting. We will be able to edit the notification email for all languages supported by Collavate in the future.

For Collavate business users, this is available via the Admin menu. For individual users, they can be edited in My Profile page settings. For more information on the changes, please refer to the Collavate User Guide.

Adjustable Group Post Notification #

While sharing documents and exchanging ideas, the group post function of Collavate can be very useful. Users can add members to departmental bulletin boards or manage projects through separate groups. It also provides many features such as automatic emails regarding content and attachments being posted to Google Drive folders and groups.
Now, if new posts or comments are recorded in the group post, you can set up automatic notification email conditions for each group as shown below. In addition, all of these functions have been improved by sorting them into advanced menus.

If you find that there are too many icons in the group post screen, you can hide icons in a menu neatly.
In the case of automatic translation with Google AI / ML artificial intelligence, Adjusted.

In addition, the notification tile menu bar on the upper right hand side is more dynamic and simple.

Ongoing Design Improvements and Faster Loading Speed #

In this version upgrade, Collavate has continued to improve its design and speed by making the user design simpler and easier to navigate. All notifications are integrated into the notification in the top right corner, so if you’re in a hurry, just check the notification area in the top right corner.