Collavate 3.10.1 Release Notes

Collavate is proud to release version 3.10.1 shortly after 3.9.1. We couldn’t wait to deliver more features, support highly-requested languages, and further our enhancements for our users!

New Archive Feature #

For better viewing and organization on your Collavate Home and Template screens, we are proud to introduce an Archive Feature.

Too many posts and workflow previews on your Home screen’s timeline? Now you have the option to hide them with the Archive Feature. An archive icon will now appear in the top right corner of each post and workflow preview on your Collavate Home screen. We have also added this archive feature to the Templates menu.

Archived posts will be hidden from your timeline. To view archived posts, you can simply click on [Show Archived] to view them.

When you are on the Archived Posts viewing, the button will revert to [Hide Archived] to allow you to re-click the button to go back to your normal timeline. Feel free to clean up any old or unwanted posts with the Archive button!

The blue up arrow icon indicates that the post is Archived. Click the icon if you’d like to unarchive the post. The post will return to your normal timeline.

Also, users can now feel free to archive any Templates as well.

New Supported Languages #

Our users are located in various countries all over the world and operate in different languages. Collavate now supports highly-requested languages: Dutch, Portuguese, German and Russian.

We currently support 10 languages, which includes Korean, English, Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese Simplified and Traditional Chinese. We continue to work towards enabling further collaboration for our users!

Google Machine Learning Translation Enhancement #

We have implemented Google Machine Learning to our Translation Feature introduced in our last release. With this update, you will see that the translation accuracy is greatly improved. By clicking the Translate icon in the upper right corner of any post that is written in another language, the post will be translated to your profile’s set language.

Other Improvements
Users can now select multiple templates to delete. Tagging colleagues and setting deadlines in posts has also been improved. Several other bugs have also been fixed, including our mobile version.