Collavate 5.1.0 Release Notes

Collavate Phase 3 Improvements

  1. Collavate Phase 3 Improvements
  2. Frequently Used Templates and Recent Templates Features Added
  3. City Background Images on Login Page
  4. Team Edition Feedback Enhancements
  5. Automatic Deletion of Data for Unsubscribed and Expired Customers
  6. Updated Email Message for Email Reply Approval Feature
  7. Validation for Group Email Settings by Organization
  8. Billing Notification Emails Enhanced
  9. Improved Numbering Rules
  10. Confirmation Popup Added for Proxy Approval
    • Added a confirmation popup for proxy approval.
  11. Updated Blog Links
    • Corrected the links to the blog.
  12. Enhanced Message When Revision Check Fails
    • Improved the message displayed when revision check fails.
  13. Removed + Icon in Org Chart When No Sub-Organizations Exist
    • Removed the + icon in the organizational chart when there are no sub-organizations.
  14. ‘Start Process’ Button Disabled When No Files Selected
    • Disabled the ‘Start Process’ button when no files are selected in the list.
  15. Fixed Errors for Large PDF Attachments in Emails
    • Resolved errors occurring when attaching large PDFs after activating the option to attach approval documents in emails.