Back up your Collavate Data

Collavate Document manager can back up every document and file for your whole domain. 

Note: Only document manager accounts can back up your data. Learn more about setting a document manager | Set a Document Manager

Download your files with Google Takeout #

1. Go to Google Takeout.
2. Login to Google with a document manager account.
3. Deselect all, and only select Google Drive.
4. Click All Data data included.
5. Click Next Step.
6. Select file type(ex. ZIP), file size(ex. 2GB) and transfer destination.
7. Click Create Export.
8. Download your backup in the transferred destination.

Download your process with cover page in PDF file #

You can download your process in PDF format with its approver list and contents. For more information, refer to following guide: Save process documents in PDF

Note: If you want to backup all PDF files for your entire domain, you can contact Collavate Support or Sales team. Please note that this service is only available for paid plan users, and additional fee can be charged according to the number of document processes.