Set up Collavate Business Plan for your organization

Note: This article is for Google workspace administrators. If you’re not administrator or opt to use Collavate Team Plan, go to Set up Collavate Team Plan

Google Workspace Administrator can install Collavate from Google Workspace Marketplace for your entire organization to start using Business Plan.

Step 1: Install Collavate from the Google Workspace Marketplace #

To set up your Business Plan account, you first must install the Collavate application from Google Workspace Marketplace.

Note: Only Google Workspace super administrators can install apps globally.
  1. Login to your Google Workspace super administrator account.
  2. Click here or search for Collavate on the Google Workspace Marketplace.
  3. Click Admin InstallContinue.
  4. Review and agree to the terms and policies by checking the box.
  5. After installation, you can notify users in your domain that Collavate has been successfully installed.

Step 2: Set up Collavate  #

Once you have successfully installed Collavate, you can set up your first Business Plan account. If you are new to Collavate, a free trial will be available.

  1. Login to your Google Workspace super administrator account.
  2. Go to
  3. On the top right, clickGoogle Apps, then click on the Collavate – Document Approval app.
  4. Sign in to Collavate with your Google Workspace super administrator account.
  5. Fill out the required fields.
  6. Designate the document manager.
  7. Sync with Google Workspace to obtain organization info of your users.
Note: Changing the document manager and syncing with Google Workspace can be done any time through the admin console.

Step 3: Finish your admin settings #

If it is your first time installing Collavate, you must complete initial setup so that your organization members can log in and use Collavate. Log in with the administrator account you created, and then proceed to set a Document Manager (DM) account and synchronize it with your domain.

Designate a Document Manager and Sync domain #

Note: The Document Manager account is an account that possesses the ownership of all processed/processing documents. The ownership of all documents and files you submit in Collavate is automatically transferred to the document manager.Google does not allow for multiple file owners, so set only one DM for your domain.All original files that users submitted for approval are saved to the document manager’s My drive COLLAVATE folder.You can change your Document Manager at any time from the admin console.
Important: If you use the same account for both your Collavate administrator and document manager, important documents may be lost to user error. It is recommended that you create and specify separate administrative accounts.
  1. Click AdminDomain Settings.
  2. Enter an email address under Document Manager.

Sync Collavate to your Google Workspace #

On initial installation, you will need to synchronize your Google Workspace organization information to Collavate to create a list of Collavate users.

  1. Click AdminSync and Update.
  2. Click Sync for each of Google Workspace Organization Chart, Google Workspace Users and Groups.
    Note: For more specific information, please refer to Sync Configuration.  

After you successfully synced all of your information, you can activate/deactivate users in the User Management menu. For more information, please check: Manage users and grant administrator access