Send requests for recurring approvals quickly using the Reprocess function

Note: This function can be used only after it is activated in the administrator options. If the button is not visible or the function is not available, please see here and ask your Collavate administrator to activate the function.

Typically, businesses review budget reports monthly to monitor spending and ensure they are aligned with financial goals. In cases where periodic reporting and consistent approval tiers are required, using Collavate’s Reprocess function instead of starting a new approval process each month can be a major boost to efficiency.

Using the Reprocess function, relevant departments can simply update the document content and re-submit under the same approval structure, eliminating the hassle of having to re-configure new reviewers and details each month and ensuring the consistency of the review process.

How to reprocess a document #

Note: The reprocess function can only be used for documents which have already been rejected or received final approval.
  1. View the document you would like to reprocess.
  2. Under the process menu on the right, click the Reprocess button.
  3. Click on Use the same document or Make a copy.
    • Use the same document: Send a new approval request using the original document as it is.
    • Make a copy: Create a copy of the original document without making any changes to it and send a new approval request
  4. Edit the relevant items.
  5. Click Reprocess.

Confirm the history of a reprocessed document #

When you reprocess a document, you can view the entire history of reprocesses through the Process menu on the right. You can easily check when and by who each process was reviewed.

  1. View the document you would like to see the reprocessing history of.
  2. From the Process menu on the right, click There is n history in this process.
  3. Check the reprocess history.

Official Guide: How to use the Reprocess function