Add GDPR Level to your Files

In Collavate, you can set 3 GDPR levels (indirect personal information, direct personal information, and sensitive personal information) for files with personal information.

Activate GDPR for your domain #

1. Click Admin.
2. Click GDPR Risk Management.
3. Set expiration date of GDPR files.

Note: GDPR expiration date is set to 2 years in general, but you can change this date according to your organization’s policy.

4. Click Set EU privacy and Officer Info.
5. Enter EU privacy and officer information of your organization.
6. Click Save.

Note: Collavate offers three GDPR risk levels below:
– Level 1(Indirect personal information): Files with anonymized personal information
– Level 2(Direct personal information): Files with direct personal information such as names, addresses, emails.
– Level 3(Sensitive personal information): Files with important personal information such as SSN, account information, medical conditions, credit card numbers.

Add GDPR level in Drive Manager #

1. Click Drive Manager.
2. Move your pointer to GDPR Risk Column.
3. Click to set the GDPR level. 

Add GDPR level in Approval Process menu #

1. Click a Collavate process that you want to add GDPR level.
2. Click GDPR Info on the right.
3. Click to set the GDPR level. 


  • GDPR level is automatically saved upon clicking.
  • You can check the expiration date when you click files with GDPR level.
  • Click next to GDPR level to reset the GDPR level.