How to submit a daily or weekly activities report for approval using Collavate

By using the template feature of Collavate, you can quickly and securely request approvals using the same format. For example, imagine a scenario where team members repeatedly submit daily or weekly reports in the same format to their superiors (such as team leaders, department heads, etc.) and receive approval. Collavate simplifies this process, supporting team members to easily submit systematic and comprehensive activity reports. With Collavate templates, you can save frequently submitted approver information for that template for individuals/organizations, or even save approval settings, thereby reducing repetitive work procedures and increasing work efficiency.

Especially in fields where precision and compliance are of paramount importance, the approval process of Collavate can be used as a key tool. For example, in a large hospital network, if department heads regularly submit reports on patient care activities, they can quickly request approval without having to assign a new reviewer each time by using a pre-made Collavate template and making simple edits to the document. The submitted approval documents are then meticulously reviewed by medical directors and administrators, and securely stored in an admin’s Google Drive environment.

Request approval after creating an activities report #

Method 1. Create a new document on Collavate and submit #

You can create new documents directly from Collavate and submit them for approval.

  1. Click on Drive Manager
  2. Click on the +New button at the top.
  3. Select the document type you want to create.
    Note: If you select the “Open in Google Drive” option, the document will be opened in Google Drive instead of Collavate. If you don’t want this, deselect the option.
  4. Create your document.
  5. Enter the approval information.
  6. Click Submit.

Method 2. Submit a pre-existing document #

If a document that has already been completed is saved on the author’s computer or in Google Drive, the created file can be imported, edited in Collavate and submitted for approval.

  1. Navigate to the Process menu.
  2. Click on Start Process and then choose from Upload or From Google Drive.
  3. Import the document you have created.
  4. Edit the document.
  5. Enter the approval process information.
  6. Click Submit.

Method 3. Use a template and submit a document  #

If your company has a common template or you have your own frequently used template, you can start by creating a new document from that template.

Note: If you have a personal form or a common form used within your organization, you can register it as a template for quick access. You can also save frequently submitted submission information or approval process options along with the document’s content. For more details, please refer to the following:
Create a Private Template
Create a Domain Shared Template (for admins)
  1. Go to the Template menu.
  2. Select the template you want to use from either My Templates or Domain Shared Templates.
  3. Click the Use Template button in the top right corner.
  4. Once the document is ready, add contents or modify the approval line information.
  5. Click the Submit button to submit the document.