Administrator Settings for approval process

Table of Contents

Collavate administrators can manage multiple features for the approval process for domain users.

1. Click Admin.
2. Go to Process.
3. Activate or deactivate by clicking on the toggle switch next to each item.
4. Click Save.

Process admin setting list #

  • Approve for Everyone: If you enable this feature, reviewers in the first or previous layer can approve on behalf of the next reviewer(s). Upon clicking the “Approve for Everyone” button, the status of all reviewers will turn into either Agreed or Approved and the process will be finalized as “Approved”.
  • Automatic Reminders: With this option enabled, a reminder Email is sent to the current reviewer of an unfinished document every certain day. The interval and the message can be customized.
  • Deadline: With this option enabled, domain users will be able to set a deadline for their process. In addition, you can also set a grace period for passing a deadline. 
  • Maintain initial access privileges: Enabling this option allows a submitter to choose to keep his editing privilege when submitting a document for review.
  • Parallel Approval Option (When placed in the same approval layer): You can manage how to process when two or more reviewers are added in the same approval layer.
  • Proceed Anyway: The process proceed to next layer even if someone in the same layer rejects the process.
  • Reject when Disagree: If one of the reviewers in the same layer rejects the process, the whole process will be rejected and cannot proceed to the next approval layer. 
  • Publishing: With this option enabled, a user is able to create a published and static version of a document. It receives a dedicated and shareable URL.
  • Recipient(CC/Group CC Email): People who are included in CC or Group CC are not being included as reviewers and they can view the documents after the document has been approved. Documents that are sent to me via CC can be viewed at Process -> CC’d Docs menu. 
  • Reprocess: With this option enabled, you can allow users to make changes to an already processed document, then resubmit for approval again, maintaining version history.
  • Reset/Edit Process: With this option enabled, a submitter can edit the approval line and CC information or reset the entire approval process after submitting a document.
  • Show Google contacts in reviewer autocomplete: Show Google contacts in suggestions list when typing to add Reviewers.
  • Signature: With this option enabled, domain user’s signature will appear when the process is approved.
  • Approval by Email reply: This feature allows you and your domain members to reply directly to a Collavate Process email to approve or reject a document.
  • Process PDF attachment in email: The “PDF Attachment to Email” feature automatically converts your submitted documents to a PDF and attaches them to the Collavate process email. Each document can then be viewed, printed, signed, or commented on outside of the Collavate interface. This also allows you to maintain a hard copy of a processed document for your records if need be.