Drive Manager allows you to check all of your Google Drive documents and files in a Collavate console. To use this feature, you have to link your collavate account with google. You can refer to following document to learn more about steps to link: Create a Collavate Account

Create and Manage files through Drive Manager #

Create a file #

1. Go to Drive Manager.
2. On top right, Click +New.
3. Click Upload to upload files from your PC or choose Google Document type to create.

Note: If you check on Open in Google Drive option, Collavate automatically generates a new tab where you can create Google Drive documents. If you disable this option, you can continue adding files on the collavate console.

Manage files #

The files on Drive manager are shown in last-modified date order. 

  • Sort: You can sort your files in alphabetical and numerical order. Click the arrow next to the title or modified at.
  • Search: You can search your files by keywords matching with your file titles and contents.
  • Tag: You can add tag by clicking next to file titles. You can only add tags for the files you can edit.
Note: You can filter your files using added tags.Go to Filter files byTAGs. You can choose multiple tags to filter.You can add tag filters to the search result to search files even faster.
  • Shared with Contacts: You can see shared files with certain email addresses.
  • Shared with Team: You can see shared files with your team.

Manage GDPR Risk Files #

  • If your Collavate administrator activated GDPR, you can set GDPR risk level on Drive Manager. 
  • Files with GDPR risk level have expiration dates. You can see or delete expired files. Go to Filter files byGDPR Risk FilesExpired files.
  • You can add filters to GDPR Risk files by clicking on More filter options.

Learn more about setting GDPR│Add GDPR Level to your files