Activate Group CC Approval feature

When you want to allow more users to see the process documents along with reviewers, you can add users as Group CC or CC. Group CC’d users have to click confirm or approve button after reviewing, but CC’d users only have access to review the documents.

A group CC approval feature allows users to start another approval process among the members of the group. This can be useful when requesting resources from other groups or asking for help after first being reviewed by your team.

Note: This feature is available for Collavate Business and Enterprise edition. For more information, refer to Use Group CC to start reference process.

Allow group CC to use Approval Process #

1. Click Admin.
2. Go to Process.
3. Activate Recipient(CC/Group CC Email).
4. Change Group CC Approval Process to Provide ‘Approve/Reject’ Buttons.
5. Click Save Settings.

Preparation to use Group CC #

You have to sync the Collavate organization chart with the Google Workspace organization chart before you use the Group CC feature.

1. Click Admin.
2. Go to Sync and Update.
3. Sync GWS organization Chart, Users and Groups in order. 

Note: If the group email isn’t configured, your organization cannot be grouped.