Inspect Ownership and Deletion of Approved Documents

Note: This feature can be conducted by Collavate document manager only. Refer to the following document: Set a document manager

In Collavate, all submitted files and processes are automatically stored on Google Drive or document manager. As users with editor access or the owner can easily access the document in Google Drive,  this may lead to changes of ownership or the movement and deletion of the original file. Google Drive permanently deletes files up to 30 days after deletion, after that the recovery is not possible.

To prevent this loss of files in advance, the Collavate document manager can perform document validation to verify deleted files and ownership within a time frame and resolve the issue.

Start document validation #

You can click Stop to put an end to document validation, or click Run in background to see other pages in Collavate while document validation is ongoing.

Important: The range can be set within one year from the start date. To avoid unnecessary waste of resources, perform document validation only for the time period to which validation is required.

View or Download Document Validation Report #

When document validation successfully ends, you can see Eye Button has been generated in the View/Download column. Click the button to see the report of the document validation.

  • You can inspect the owner and existence of every document in the selected time range. 
  • Click Download all in the bottom to download the report you’re seeing in a spreadsheet form.
  • If you search for specific files using search box or search options, you can also click Download Search Results to download the searched results in a spreadsheet.

Note: Downloaded sheet will be sent to document manager’s email account. It may take some time to receive the email depending on the amount of the files searched.