Sync Collavate with Google Workspace

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Google Workspace(GWS) administrator(s) can add/delete users to your organization group. To have it reflected on Collavate, Collavate admin(s) have to sync Collavate with recent Google Workspace data.

Important: You have to enable Google API before you sync Google Workspace with Collavate.

Sync and update your data #

Note: Only Collavate administrators can sync Collavate Google Workspace.

1. Click Admin.
2. Click Sync and Update.
3. Click Sync to all items in numerical order.

Note: If you activate the Auto Sync, Collavate will be automatically synced with Google Workspace for user-set interval. Before you sync Google Workspace Groups, it is recommended to sync all four items in order. For more information about sync, refer to following document: Sync Collavate with your Google Workspace domain

It might take some time to sync. If current Google Workspace is still not synced with Collavate after syncing, please refresh the page. You might also have to check AdminDomain SettingsGoogle Workspace Admin, to see if your Google Workspace Admin account is correctly written. If the account is missing or different, please change to current administrator and sync again.