Sync Collavate to Google Workspace Domain

You can sync Collavate with your Google Workspace domain Organization chart, users, Groups and document template.

Auto sync #

1. Click Admin.
2. Activate Auto Sync.
3. Enter your auto sync interval.
4. Click Save.

Manual sync #

1. Click Admin.
2. Click Sync for each item.

Important: If you are syncing for the first time, you must follow the sync order: 1. Document Template2. Google Workspace Organization Chart3. Google Workspace Users4. Groups

Document Template: Copy Collavate Template Google Drive folder of Collavate document manager to Collavate Template.
Google Workspace Organization Chart: Sync Collavate Organization chart with Google Workspace Organization Chart.
Google Workspace Users: Sync Collavate users with Google Workspace users.
Groups: Sync Collavate Groups with Google Workspace Groups.

How to solve sync issues #

1. Data access: You have to allow data access for Google Workspace.
2. Google Workspace Control API access: Check Control API activation status. Control API must be activated in advance to sync your Collavate data with Google Workspace. Check Google Workspace Guide to learn more.
3. Collavate admin settings: Go to AdminDomain Settings. Check if the Google Workspace Admin account has admin privilege. If the entered account is a normal user account, an error will occur while syncing.