Invite users and manage your team

Note: This guide is for Team Plan users. If you are a Business Plan user, refer to Set up Collavate Business Plan for your organization.

To invite users as a member of your team, you have to first create your team: Sign up for Team Plan & Create a team

Invite users to your team #

Administrators can invite users to join your team.

  1. Go to AdminUser Management.
  2. On top right, click +Add User.
  3. Input the user’s email address to send an invitation.
  4. (Optional) Input a username for that user. Username can be changed anytime.
  5. Set user access level at the Default Permissions dropdown menu.
  • Standard: Can submit/review approvals in Collavate.
  • Admin: Can access the admin console where you can manage approval and team settings.
  1. Click Invite Users.
Note: Invitation email will be sent to the user’s email address. Invited users can accept or decline the invitation.

Delete users from your team #

  1. Go to AdminUser Management.
  2. Locate users to delete then click on the trash bin icon. 
  3. Click Confirm in the confirmation pop-up.
Note – How is the data of deleted users handled?
A deleted user loses all access to Collavate upon deletion.No approval files are deleted upon deletion of the account from Collavate. However, in Team Plan, ownership of submitted approval files remains with the submitter; this can cause remaining users to lose access to the original documents. It is recommended that the administrator backup all files of the user before deleting the account.

Grant user an admin role #

Important: Make sure you give admin privileges only to people you trust. The following are jobs of Collavate administrator:
– Add more users to your team in the license center and increase the monthly payment.
– Delete other users (including other administrators) from the team.
– Cancel the subscription for the team.
– Access files that are owned by team members.
  1. Go to AdminUser Management.
  2. Locate the user whose role you want to change, then click on the dropdown menu.
  3. Select Standard or Admin.