Complete your Domain settings

Table of Contents

1. Click Admin.
2. Go to Domain Settings.
3. Fill out all domain settings.
4. Click Save Settings.

Domain basic informations #

  • Company Name: Enter your domain name or company name.
  • Google Workspace Admin: Enter the GWS(Google Workspace) administrator account.

Note: If you enter a Google Workspace user account which does not administrator privileges, synchronization with Collavate can be difficult. It is strongly recommended that you enter an account with GWS administrator privileges.

  • Document Manager: Enter the Google Workspace account that will be designated as Collavate document manager.

Note: Document manager account is an account that possesses the ownership of processed/processing documents. All documents and files will be copied and saved to Google Drive or document manager upon starting a process. 

Important : It is recommended that you set up an account for document manager use only. If you set up Google Workspace admin or normal user account as a document manager, important files can be opened and deleted by the user.

To change document manager, refer to Set a document manager.

  • Home folder: Enter a google drive folder URL that domain users will see as default folder in Drive Manager.

Note: To see more specific guide about home folder, please refer to Set a Home Folder.