Connect Template to a Ledger

In Collavate, you can connect your template response to a ledger. If you connect a ledger sheet to a template, all of the responses will automatically be logged into the connected ledger sheet.

1. Click Template.
2. Check on a box next to a template title you want to connect to a ledger.
3. Click edit.
Note: If you don’t want to use an existing template, you can also create a new template.
4.  Go to ProcessAdd result to google sheet.
5. Click Choose to select the existing ledger. To create a new ledger, click Copy Sample to easily create a new ledger.
6. Choose variables to keep records and match columns.
7. Click Run Test to see it operates as intended.
8. Check on the boxes you want to keep records of.
9. Click Save Template

To see a illustrative example, refer to:  Use Case: Connect template to a Ledger

Note: You can record the following variables to a ledger. After connecting to a spreadsheet, unfold the dropdown menu and select one of the following variables, then, designate a column to be logged.

– Cell in Process: Designate a cell in template, and record the contents in the cell
– Process Type: Record the state of a process(Submitted, Approved, Rejected)
Process Title: Record the title of a process
Process URL: Record the URL of a process
Process Tags: Record every tag applied to a process
Process Id: Record a Process ID
Main file Id: Record a user-submitted process sheet ID
– Main file Drive URL: Record a user-submitted process sheet URL
Reference files: Record attachment file name(s)
Reference files URL: Record attachment file URL(s)
Submitter’s comment: Record submitter’s comment
Submitter’s email: Record submitters email
Submitter’s Claimed Id: Record Submitter’s ID
Submission date: Record Submission date
Global Deadline: Record global deadline for a process
All Reviewers’ names: Record all reviewer’s names
All Reviewers’ emails: Record all reviewer’s emails
Last Reviewer’s name: Record last reviewer’s name
Last Reviewer’s email: Record last reviewer’s email
Final Result of the process: Record final result of the process
Final approval/rejection date: Record approval/rejection date