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When you first log in to Collavate, you can see the post menu. 

A post menu is a centralized team communication center. You can see the whole workflow of your domain, including ideas for ongoing processes, group posts and files.

Create a post #

You can push notifications or share ideas for your domain by sharing a post. Collaborate with your team by discussing through posts and comments.

Note: You can only post privately in the Team Plan.

Tips for posts #

  • You can collaborate with both external and internal domain users by use of tags. Write ‘@email address’ or ‘@username’ in the posts to mention.
  • Click to tag others.

Note: If you tag another user, the tagged user will receive an email notification requesting them to participate in the post.

  • Click to set a deadline for a post.
  • Click to add attachment(s) to a post.
  • You can set whom to share before posting.

Click Post to share your post.