Can’t start approval process

If you came across with a glitch on Collavate process preview page, or see “connected denied at” message can be due to Chrome extensions. It can also occur when you sign-in on too many accounts in Chrome.

Usually, this problem can be easily fixed when you change your chrome browser settings to “allow all cookies”.

Check on Chrome if you are using multiple account #

  • If you are using too many accounts in one Chrome, there can be an issue while using Collavate.
  • Log out from all accounts from Chrome and leave only the essential accounts you need. After deleting, please check the approval process that caused the issue.

Check Chrome extensions. #

  • Make sure if all Chrome extensions are deactivated at Chrome incognito tab. We had multiple reports about not being able to submit processes when using bank or financial extensions.

Check if you can log-in to Google Drive #

  • Collavate works with Google Workspace, so you must be able to log in to Google Services.
  • Check if you can log-in and use
  • Refresh the Collavate window after you log-in to

Check if the problem is solved in the incognito window. #

  • Usually cookies that are saved in Chrome can cause various problems. Click here to check Google guide about incognito tab.
  • Go to Chrome settings(chrome://settings/cookies). Check if the cookies are blocked. If the switch is turned on, please turn off and change to  allow sites to save and read cookie data.

If the options above won’t work for you, please post your problem through Collavate Support. Our support team will soon get in touch with you.