Use Case: Connect template to a Ledger

By connecting Collavate template to a google spreadsheet, you can automatically log your data when a domain user submits a process with a connected template. This document will use the Employee Loan Sample template as an illustrative example.

Create a Domain Shared Template #

1. Click Template.
2. Click Public Templates.
3. Check in a box of Employee Loan and Copy to Domain Shared Templates(Administrators).
4. Click OK and check if it is copied.

Note: You can also directly add your own template in domain shared templates without using a sample.

Create a sample ledger sheet #

You have now created a domain shared template and are ready to connect to a Ledger.

1. Check in a box and click Edit on top.
2. Click Add result to Sheet.
3. Click Copy Sample.

A sample ledger sheet opens in a new tap, and you can see ledger setting items in Collavate console.

Connect a Domain Shared Template to a Sample Ledger #

In a sample ledger sheet above, you can see three sheets are generated: 

  • CV-Process-Log is a sheet where the records in a connected template are logged.
  • Company Report Ledger(Auto-fill) is where short report ledger is displayed with records of CV-Process_Log
  • Charts(Auto fill) is a sheet where chart(s) of records in a ledger is displayed.

Now let’s go back to the Collavate console. You can see the variables to keep record of on the left side of the arrow. On the right side, you can see the pre-designated columns where items left will automatically be filled at.

Click + to add more items to a ledger. You can also edit the default value. For example, by selecting Cell in ProcessDate Requested cell(C8)Designate Column A, the load requested date will be automatically recorded in column A every time domain users use this template and start process.

Run Test and Save #

After entering all cell information, you can run a test to see if it works as expected. Then click Save Template.