Use Collavate with Slack

If you are subscribed to Slack, you can receive real-time notifications for Collavate approvals through a simple installation process. Additionally, you can quickly review documents by simply clicking on the URL in the message and approve them directly on Slack without using Collavate.

Install Collavate on Slack #

1. Log in to Slack.
2. Click here, or search Collavate in the Slack App Store then install.
3. Allow access.
4. On the left panel, see Collavate added to your Slack.

Tips: I’m using different email addresses for Slack and Collavate.
If your Collavate and Slack accounts are different, you can click on the “Connect Slack to Collavate” button to link your Collavate account with Slack.

Review Approvals Directly from Slack #

1. See Collavate approval message you received on Slack.
2. Check the information you need.
3. Click Review to open the approval via Collavate.
4. Click Approve to approve directly from the Slack message.
5. Click Reject to reject directly from the Slack message.

Informations included in the Slack message #

TitleTitle of the approval
StatusCurrent Progress of the approval  (Review, Approved, Rejected)
SubmitterName of a submitter
Submitted atDate of submission
Process URLURL for Collavate Approval
Drive URLGoogle Drive URL for Main file included in the approval