Search Collavate files on Google Drive

All submitted processes or tags are saved as attributes in each file’s metadata. You can use this data to search Collavate files in Google Drive.

Search file tag #

  • Enter ctag:tagname (e.g. ctag:sales)

Search process #

  • Search approved process: Enter currentapproverclaimedid status:approved
  • Search rejected process: Enter currentapproverclaimedid status:rejected
  • Search process pending review: Enter currentapproverclaimedid status:review
  • Search current approver: Enter currentapproverclaimedid currentApprover:Email Address

(e.g. currentapproverclaimedid

Note: If searching email address is in the same layer with other users, the search result might not be exact.

  • Search submitted year: Enter currentapproverclaimedid submitted:Year

(e.g. currentapproverclaimedid submitted:2022)

  • Search submitted year and month: Enter currentapproverclaimedid submitted:YYYY-MM

(e.g. currentapproverclaimedid submitted:2022-01)

You can open searched files with Collavate to check more specific information.

1. In Drive, search Collavate files.
2. Click right on file.
3. Click Open withCollavate.
4. File opens in a new tab.