How to migrate your data when deleting Google Workspace account

You can transfer data to users within the domain. Data transfer is a function all available on Google, please refer to the attached Google Guide link for a more detailed guide.

Migrate your email data #

Gmail migration guide: Migrate email with the data migration service  

Note: This feature is only available for Google Workspace Super administrator.

Migrate your Google Drive data #

Note: This feature is only available for Google Workspace Super administrator.

You can migrate your Google Drive data or transfer the file ownership to another domain user. All sharing settings in an existing file will inherit the same permissions, and users with existing ownership will be changed to Editor access.

Google Guide: Transfer Drive files to a new owner

Migrate your Google Calendar data #

When an administrator deletes a user, the calendar copy that remains for the invited user in the schedule that the previous user created might not be deleted. An undeleted copy remains in the calendar of the attendees and in the calendar of the reserved resources. In addition, the schedule of the suspended user will remain in Calendar, and only the super administrator can modify this, not the attendees. You can avoid this situation in the following ways:

Google Guide: Cancel or transfer calendar events before deleting a user 

Migrate Contacts and other data #

Transferring additional Google services data, such as Address Book or Google Photo, is not supported by Google and must be transferred by your own. User data for additional Google services can be easily downloaded through Google Takeout.

Google Takeout:

Data transfer via Google Takeout may require support from Google Workspace. You can also request our partner NetKiller for support, but this may incur costs.