Request translation of important approval documents on Collavate

In global companies that require collaboration with employees or partners from various linguistic backgrounds, it is very important to convey documents in a language that is sufficiently understandable. Imagine a scenario in a global company where important official documents like contracts need to be translated. First, the relevant department can meticulously prepare the content of the contract in their native language and then proceed with the approval process through Collavate. After approval, if different legal teams from various countries are designated as cooperating offices for the approved document, each country’s legal team can contribute to translating the contract, ensuring accuracy and legal precision. Additionally, Collavate’s Cooperation feature ensures that all modifications and approval processes during the Cooperation approval procedure are stored in Google Drive and Collavate’s activity log. This facilitates efficient and accurate translation of official documents, enhancing smooth communication and legal compliance across borders.

Items to prepare before sending your translation request #

To use this feature, you must first create a group to request cooperation. Follow the methods below to add Groups email information to your Google Workspace, and then add group members to the created Groups email.

Create Groups in Google Workspace #

  1. Go to
  2. Log in to Google Workspace with an admin account.
  3. Navigate to the Directory > Groups menu and click on Create group at the top.
  4. Enter the group’s detailed information and add group members.
  5. Once you finish creating the group, click on Add members to add members to the group.
  6. Click Add to group.

Sync Groups info with Collavate #

  1. Go to
  2. Login with a Collavate admin account.
  3. Go to the Admin > Sync and Update menu.
  4. Under Groups, click the Sync button.

Send a cooperation request to another department after the approval is completed #

Once you have added the Groups email information, you can use the cooperation feature in Collavate to send inter-departmental cooperation requests for important approval documents and record the details of the cooperation requests in the system. When you enter the group email information in the cooperation section, a cooperation request email will be sent to the individual users included in that group email.

  1. Go to the Process menu.
  2. Click the Start Process button in the upper-right.
  3. After creating the document and setting up your approval line, go to the Cooperation tab.
  4. In the Cooperation tab, enter the group email of the department you wish to request cooperation from.

  • Please make sure to enter a group email account in the cooperation section.
  • If you do not know the group email address, you can select “organization chart” from the user selection dropdown box, check the checkbox of the desired group, and then press the add button to select the group email.
  1. Click Submit.

Check the received cooperation request and proceed with translation #

Once the approval process is completed using the given approval line and the final approval is given, a notification email is sent to the group email registered in the cooperation section. Any member of the cooperation approval group can register a team member who they need approval/collaboration from as an approver and then click the Reference button to proceed with the process. The registered approvers will receive an email notification, and they can check the document for which cooperation has been requested in the Process > All Received Docs menu.

  1. View the document with a cooperation request.
  2. Click the Reference button and add users who will help translate to the approval line.
  3. The added users will translate the document and click Confirm.

Once all users added to the cooperation approval line have completed their review, the cooperation approval procedure is completed, and the system records the changes.