Turn Google Drive documents into one PDF

Collavate’s PDF conversion feature allows users to convert not only documents from Google Drive but also local files on their computer into a single PDF document. Let’s consider the scenario of a university to understand the utility of this feature in Collavate.

Faculty and administrative staff frequently handle various formats of documents, including lecture materials, research papers, and administrative documents. With Collavate’s PDF conversion feature, these documents can easily be converted into PDF format from Google Drive or email attachments. This is particularly useful for distributing lecture materials to students, submitting research papers to academic journals, or archiving administrative documents. The PDF conversion in Collavate ensures that documents are easily accessible, shareable, and compatible across different platforms and devices.

Export Google Drive and local files as a PDF #

Note: You can also print approval processes that are currently in progress. If there are users in the approval line who have not yet completed their approvals, their approval history will be marked as “In Progress.”
  1. In the upper-right of the Process menu, click the Start Process button.
  2. Navigate to the file path you want, and choose your file.
  3. In the pop-up window that appears, click the +Add File button and add the files you want as attachment files.
  4. Once you finish adding files, submit the approval process.
  5. At the bottom of the Process menu in the approval process’s pop-up window, click the More menu.
  6. See the below Print Options and choose the one appropriate for your needs:
    1. Print Process (Download as PDF): Convert the approval history, URL, and all files into a PDF.
    2. Print Process (Classic Style): Convert the approval history and first page of the main file into a PDF.
    3. Print Process & Attachments (Classic Style): Convert the approval history, first page of the main file, and all attachments into a PDF.
  7. Agree to the policy regarding PDF conversions.
  8. After a moment, your converted PDF will open in a new tab.

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