Share the latest version of a reviewed document with others

Using the publishing feature of Google Docs, you can create a web page link for the document to easily share it and ensure that changes are reflected in real time. The publishing feature of Collavate is essential for efficiently distributing reviewed content as it automates the posting of approved documents upon review completion. 

For example, in the case of a digital marketing agency, after collaborating on content creation, the team needs to quickly distribute the finished campaign materials to various platforms such as social media, blogs, newsletters, etc. Collavate’s publishing feature improves the team’s efficiency and enables the implementation of a cohesive strategy across multiple channels. 

(Admin)Enable the Publishing feature #

The publishing feature can be used after it is enabled in the Collavate admin menu. If you do not see an option related to publishing in the approval options, please refer to the guide below and request that the administrator enable this feature.

  1. Login to Collavate with an admin account.
  2. Go to the Admin menu.
  3. Within the Admin menu, go to the Approvals section.
  4. Click the toggle button for Publishing to enable publishing.
  5. At the bottom of the page, click Save Settings to save your settings.

Automatically publish a document upon approval #

  1. Go to the Process menu.
  2. Click Start Process to begin a new approval process.
  3. At the bottom of the Process tab, check the box for “Publish document after approval.”
  4. Select where to publish to.
    • Publish within domain: Only people within your organization can view the published document.
    • Web: Anyone with the link can view the published document.
  5. When the document has been approved by the final reviewer, a publishing URL will be generated.

Once published, the published link to the approved document will be displayed. Using this link, you can automatically share the final version of the document with others without having to share a new document every time the document is updated. If you no longer wish to share the document, you can un-publish the document at any time by pressing the stop publishing button.