Use Team Plan and start collaborating with users from all over the world

Collavate’s Team Plan is essential for dynamic project management in a variety of industries. Consider a marketing agency that collaborates with a number of freelancers. Freelancers are less likely to subscribe to Google Workspace, and they often cannot be granted organizational domain accounts for security reasons. With team plans, you can invite multiple personal Gmail users to your team, even if they don’t subscribe to Google Workspace. This allows you to share creative assets and get approvals quickly. For example, when planning a social media campaign for a client, team plans can help you quickly secure approvals from multiple freelancers, improving the overall efficiency of fast-paced marketing projects.

Initial Registration #

If you are the leader of a small team or organization, you must first subscribe to Collavate Team Plan and complete team setup. You can follow these steps to subscribe to Team Plan:

  1. Go to
  2. Click Sign in with Google.
  3. Log in with the Google Account you will use on Collavate.
  4. Enter the basic registration information to finish creating your account.

Invite users to your team #

If you have finished team setup, the team administrator can invite any Gmail or Google Drive user to their team through the admin menu and start collaborating.

  1. Go to AdminUser Management.
  2. In the upper right, click +Add User.
  3. Enter the email address of the user to invite.
  4. Click Invite User.
Tip: Invited users will receive an invitation to the team through the email address you input. They can accept or decline the invitation through the email.