Modify Group CC approval line

Approval via our Group CC feature can be used in various ways, such as when cooperation between departments is required or when confirmation is needed for small groups in your organization.

You can enable the Modify Group CC workflow option to modify the approver information while the approval is in progress.

Add/Delete Group CC approver #

Note: This feature is only available after it’s set by Collavate admin. If the button is not visible or unavailable, please refer to here and ask your Collavate administrator to activate the feature.
  1. Open the approval process where the Group CC process is in progress.
  2. In the right panel, go to ProcessGroup CC tab.
  3. Click MoreEdit the Group CC workflow.
    Note: The button might not be visible for some users according to admin settings.
  4. Edit the Group CC approver information.
  5. Click Save to save the changes.

Enable modification of Group CC approval line #

Collavate administrators can streamline your Group CC workflow through admin settings.

  1. Click on the Admin menu.
  2. Go to the Process menu.
  3. In Recipient (CC/Group CC Email), activate the Modify Group CC workflow function.
  4. Select until when to allow users modify the approver information in the Edit the Group CC workflow dropdown menu.
    • Until Group CC approval is completed: Users can edit Group CC approver until the approval is completed.(You cannot exclude users who already approved/rejected on the approval)
    • Until the first approver in Group CC approves: Users cannot edit Group CC approver when the first approval approves/rejects the approval.
  5. Select who can modify the Group CC approver.
    • Group CC submitter: Submitter who first started Group CC approval can edit the approver information.
    • Group CC approver: Users who are included as Group CC approver can edit the approver information.

Click Save to save the changes