Notifications #

If you were mentioned in posts or if there was an update on the approval process that you are currently involved in while you were away, you’ll get a notification message.

You can check notifications by clicking the Notification button located in the upper-right. Click on the notification message to go to the corresponding approval process.

Custom Settings #

You can personalize your Collavate personal profile, theme settings, and notification settings. You can also go to Change Settings directly by clicking Theme Settings.

  1. On the top right, click on your profile image.
  2. Click My account.

Note: You have to save your settings before you leave the page. 

Update Personal information #

Go to Change SettingsPersonal Info to update your account information.

Change language or time zone #

Go to Change SettingsSettings to change language and/or time zone.

Change theme #

Go to Change SettingsTheme to change the header and/or Collavate theme color. You can also upload a custom background image to change/delete the background of the Collavate console.

Change notification settings #

Go to Change SettingsNotifications to change notification settings for each event.