Choose your Collavate plan

Collavate offers subscription options for individuals, small businesses, and large organizations. See a comparison of different plans below:

  • Team Plan: Appropriate for users of personal Gmail and small-sized organizations. 
  • Business Plan: Suitable for Google Workspace Business subscribers
  • Enterprise Plan: Offers custom feature development for large organizations

You can learn more about the different plans on our website.

Team Plan #

Collavate Team Plan is designed to provide seamless collaboration for users without a Google Workspace subscription. Collavate Team Plan is best suitable for individuals or small organizations that do not require enterprise-level document centralization.

To set up your Team Plan account, refer to the following guide: Set up Collavate Team Plan

Business Plan #

Note: You have to subscribe to Google Workspace Business in order to use Collavate Business Plan.

Collavate Business Plan is compatible with all Google Workspace Business plans. To get started with a Business Plan, your Google Workspace administrator should first install the Collavate application from Google Workspace Marketplace for your entire domain. Various options for approval functions and administrator controls are provided in Business Plan. 

To set up your Business Plan account, refer to the following guide: Set up Collavate Business Plan

Enterprise Plan #

For larger organizations, Collavate offers solutions including API integration support, premium support, custom feature development and more.

To learn about Enterprise offerings and get started with your organization, contact a Collavate sales representative.

Email or call: Contact Sales