Use Collavate add-on for Google Drive

You can submit your document for an approval directly from Google Drive by utilizing the Collavate add-on. Before beginning, you have to prepare a Collavate account. If you haven’t signed up for Collavate yet, you can refer to the previous guide to create your own Collavate account.

Install Collavate add-on for Google Drive #

  1. Go to
  2. Right click on My Drive then click more.
  3. Click Connect more apps.
  4. Install Collavate for Google Drive from the Google Workspace Marketplace.
    • Admin install: Google Workspace super administrator can install apps for all users in the organization.
    • Install: Normal users can install apps individually.

Submit approval request in Google Docs #

  1. Go to
  2. Create a new document.
  3. Click ExtensionsCollavate.
  4. Grant Collavate access permissions to the document.
  5. Fill out the form, and then submit.
Note: Refer to the following document to learn more about the Collavate Add-on: Start approval process with Google Drive Collavate Add-on