How to use the reprocess feature

About the reprocess feature #

With the reprocess feature, you can request re-approval of documents with an original or a copy. 

This feature can be useful in the case of documents that need continuous management, such as company regulations, user manuals, contracts, etc. If they have to be changed or reviewed again after the approval is completed, you can simply request a reprocess of the document. The approval history and revision history of the reprocessed document is recorded.

Note: You must use Collavate Business or Enterprise plan to use this feature.

Enable reprocess feature #

To use the reprocess feature, Collavate administrators have to enable the reprocess feature for the domain.

  1. ClickAdmin.
  2. Go to Process.
  3. Activate Reprocess.
  4. Click Save Settings.

Reprocess a completed approval #

  1. In the Process menu, select a completed(approved/rejected) approval.
  2. Click Reprocess.
  3. Select between Same document/Make a copy.
    • Same document: Use the same document to reprocess. The contents will be overwritten when editing.
    • Make a copy: Make a copy of the document.
  4. (Optional) Edit the contents and add/remove reviewers.
  5. (Optional) Add/remove references or attachments.
  6. Click Submit.