Create a Document numbering policy

As administrator, you can set a document title prefix which appears in the title when a user submitted a process.

1. Click Admin.
2. Go to Doc No. Policy.
3. Select parameters in the autofill value library and drag it to the document title section.
4. Click Save.


  • You can add phrases or symbols such as _ ” : & between each variable.
  • You can check the sample title under the document title boxes.
Note: You can see detailed descriptions when you hover over each parameter.
${companyCode}: User’s company name in Domain settings page
${teamName}: User’s division(team) name
${thisYear}: last two digits of current year (e.g. 20xx -> xx)
${thisYearFull}: Four digits of current year (e.g 20xx -> 20xx)
${thisMonth}: Current Month
${today}: Current Date
${number}: Auto-generated number by system. If the year/month/date parameter is used with this item, the number will be reset everyday
${collavateType}: Collavate Document type
${userCompany}: User’s company name in User profile page
${templateAlias}: Shared template alias
${documentTitle}: Title of the document